James Redding

11666316_10102773818577398_4163027550709395445_nIrony is Not a Type of Metal. Definitely my favorite song on James Redding’s album, “Walking Into Brooklyn.”

It was funny how I “met” someone with my same last name who just happens to be a wonderful independent artist. I was searching Facebook for my brother James and accidentally found his page. I noticed he was a musician and decided to check out his music on YouTube. From there, we started a conversation on Facebook and he gave me his whole discography. Now half my iTunes is Redding music!

Redding has a deep voice that is perfect for his rock/grunge style. He is the Tom Waits of his generation. I definitely dig his songwriting ability – he has written so many songs and all of them are worth listening to. My only complaint is that he should get better recordings of some of his music. They are worth the extra effort!

Check out James Redding on iTunes!

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