Gabrielle Aplin

48230aGabrielle Aplin is a singer-songwriter from the UK. She is a guitarist, pianist, drummer, and a fantastic singer. I first found her on YouTube (like how I find a lot of artists) and she impressed me, not only by the quality of her voice, but her understated yet passionate expression of emotions.

I basically melted the first time I heard her song “Home.” Her tone is so smooth and light – even when she uses her chest voice. Not to mention her beautiful accent, which makes her vowel sounds just lovely.

Recently I watched her music video for a new release called “Salvation.” It is a gorgeous song about discovering someone at the exact time you need them. Although the idea of a person being her salvation seems to contrast with the imagery of avalanches, dark fairy tales, and snow storms. It makes me think she is talking less about salvation and perhaps more about dreaming and a feeling of being buried or captured in those dreams, but it doesn’t add up.

Her ornaments are beautiful: original and soft sounding – unlike many R&B singers or singers with a lot of training (of which she is neither) who belt out the flourishes of the melody.

My only real critique of Gabrielle is that she goes quiet at the ends of her phrases; she stops singing with her core at the end of lines. This effect occasionally works for in trying to be dramatic, but it makes it very hard to decipher words. Especially when she also fails to annunciate the consonants on the ends of words.

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