Jesse Morrow

ImageJesse Morrow is a singer/songwriter Seattleite from Washington State: a place near and dear to my heart because I lived there for a large part of my life.

The first song I ever heard by him was “Like A Thief.” A family friend had posted the youtube video on Facebook (the link will bring you there). It has such a simple, beautiful guitar part. I love his voice, the vulnerability of it and how he lets his emotion do what it wants with his voice.

That is something I really dislike about technically-trained singers: they control their voice so much that the emotion becomes fake. It is wonderful when a singer can just express themselves freely and still sound professional.

By professional I mean that he has a sufficient ability to pronunciate, his vocals reflect the emotions of the music, he has a good grasp of dynamics, and his tone fits the style of the music.

Jesse Morrow has such an ability to sway emotion with his soft, understated tones. I hear this especially in the song “When She Goes.” The song is very soft at the beginning, and when it reaches the chorus (“Let it in, just let it in…”) Morrow gets louder dynamically, yet his tone is still soft.

His phrasing is wonderful and he generally mixes well between his head voice and chest voice. He seems to use more head voice then anything, but I think it fits the style. I see more and more guys singing high tenor and falsetto in contemporary music.

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