Jesse Gammage

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 5.28.14 PMA couple of weeks ago I came across a young, soul singer-songwriter. His name is Jesse Gammage. Judging from the fact that he isn’t on iTunes and I can’t find a website for him, I’m thinking he’s not very well-known.

I first came across him on YouTube when I was looking for some new soul singers. The first time I heard his speaking voice I was like, “this guy must be a great singer.” His voice is so low, chill, and melodious. Part of it is the British accent and most of it is just the smooth way he talks.

That’s the thing that impresses me the most: his smooth voice. He can go from this deep, really profound bass, full of emotion – and then suddenly make a transition to falsetto. He sings from his core and he creates a really compressed sound – there’s not much extra air.

The acoustic sound fits his voice perfectly. My only real critique is that he has people sing harmony with him who really can’t sing harmony. HE still sounds good, but he really should get some good backup singers.

I listened to him on sound and one of the things he said really hit me:

“The material I find myself writing is based around the reality, the truth, the hope for change and the fact that nothing in this world is ever just black and white, love or hate… never that simple.”
Preach it, brother.

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