The dark-haired, indie Ellie Goulding

kate-350x350.jpgI was searching for a different jam to study to and literally just typed “indie artist” into YouTube. Thanks to this compilation, Kate Miller has now made my list of great indie artists.

Unlike most of the indie artist I’ve written about, Kate Miller is a little more well-known – as should be the case! She is available on both iTunes and SoundCloud. I highly recommend checking out some of her songs. They are sweet, chill and just what I needed for some late-night studying.

James Redding

11666316_10102773818577398_4163027550709395445_nIrony is Not a Type of Metal. Definitely my favorite song on James Redding’s album, “Walking Into Brooklyn.”

It was funny how I “met” someone with my same last name who just happens to be a wonderful independent artist. I was searching Facebook for my brother James and accidentally found his page. I noticed he was a musician and decided to check out his music on YouTube. From there, we started a conversation on Facebook and he gave me his whole discography. Now half my iTunes is Redding music!

Redding has a deep voice that is perfect for his rock/grunge style. He is the Tom Waits of his generation. I definitely dig his songwriting ability – he has written so many songs and all of them are worth listening to. My only complaint is that he should get better recordings of some of his music. They are worth the extra effort!

Check out James Redding on iTunes!

Gabrielle Aplin’s new album, new sound

13cd8a03cead49aaf2eb13232c75b54d.960x960x1After much anticipation on my part, Gabrielle Aplin finally came out with a new album! Light Up the Dark was released in May of this year. I’ve just gotten around to listening to it and it is FABULOUS as always, but there is definitely a slightly darker pop sound than the gentle folk that her single “Home” brought us. We saw a preview of this change in her song “Salvation,” which entirely stole my heart. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to it, do so now. The music video is just as beautifully crafted as the song itself.

So Gabrielle is making a transition (you can even see it in the cover of the album shown!) and I have a feeling it’s gonna keep getting better. She also released her song ‘Heavy Heart’ from the album onto iTunes to promote the album, which is due for release on September 18th, so make sure to get that. For now, give her new song a listen!



mreeA friend introduced this lovely artist to me and I immediately bought her song “Lift Me Up.” This indie folk artist’s music is the most calming sound. Stress just melts when you listen to her songs like “Into the Well” or “On Echo.” The music flows like water. It is soft, with gentle harmony streaming in at unexpected and beautiful places. Her high range and interesting accent gives the music a surreal feel. She is basically the queen of chill. If you are looking for an upbeat/catchy song, I wouldn’t recommend her. But if you want an intriguing and artistic song to calm you down, this is your girl. The electric instruments in her songs all add to the surrealism and fit this modern folk sound perfectly. Give her a listen!